Here is My Kinda People !!

My Kinda People!


This is My Kinda People.

Are you “My Kinda People”?

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Blank Canvas is OUT NOW

j90 Blank Canvas

J90 are at it again, bringing their explosive energy to the table and I hope you are ready for a feast because Blank Canvas is laying it all out there in a bounty of lyrical mayhem and driving guitars, bass, synths and drums.

Blank Canvas is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and all other good download sites.

For further details check out:,, Facebook and Twitter @j90music.

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Spectacular Released October 2012

J90 are delighted to have just released what could be their catchiest single to date. In the true tradition of J90 singles this is destined to be played over and over on the airwaves. So be prepared to be hooked again by another feel good party tune.

It seems clear that the song has a “summer song” type feel about it and when front man Ger was asked he said, “Spectacular is an expression of attraction and awe with an up-beat vibe, carrying that summer feel with it no matter what the season. Influenced by the Irish sun, so as the Winter months roll in when you listen to the song you can smile and reminisce on brighter days”.

J90 initially previewed Spectacular during a live performance on Red FM where it got a great response, and since then they have been playing it at all their gigs to amazing reaction.

J90 continue to set the pace as one of Ireland’s hardest working bands. Ger went on to state, “We are a completely independent band, covering every aspect of the music business for ourselves. We love the challenges and achievements it brings”. J90 continue touring Ireland 5 nights a week sharing their love for live music with their loyal fans up and down the country.

Spectacular is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and all other good download sites.

For further details check out:,, Facebook and Twitter @j90music.

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Distracted out NOW!

Distracted - Single - J90

Eminem, Kanye, J90!!

J90 have delivered yet another radio smash to the airwaves. The new single “Distracted” is full of what you would expect from the band, catchy hooks, high energy performance and as always that “party feel”.

This time around J90 decided to send their music around the globe to get a feel for what the “big boys” thought of it. The single made a big impact with no other than Grammy nominated producer and engineer for Eminem, Usher, Kanye West and many more. The were loved the track so much they decided to put the finishing touches to the song. “We were blown away by the fact that the song got a listen by these guys, and then agreeing to mix it” said J90′s lead man Ger.

The song was written in light of the coverage of the “Cheating Celeberities” in the media last year. According to Ger the message is simple, “look, but don’t touch”

J90 have become the most hard working band in Ireland today playing over 200 shows a year and have the largest Facebook following of any other independent artist in Ireland. “We love what we do. We like the fact that we are in control of our own destiny and not reliant on a major label to get our music out there. Gigging constantly in Ireland really gives us a feel for what our fans want from music today, and it totally influences how we write”.


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