Finally we get to let our highly anticipated new single “Distracted” roam free across the world!! This song is the follow up to the massive summer hit of 2010 “Take Control”. It has all the J90 traits you would expect from us, catchy chorus, energy and that party feel. We have been waiting to let this song loose for some time now, but it had to do its rounds first to get its seal of approval. One of the best compliments this song has gotten is from a certain Grammy Nominee producer for the likes of Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z, John Legend just to name a few. He applied his talents in putting the finishing touches to the track in New York.

“Distracted” is available on all good download sites, just click on the numerous links we have scattered around this website and it will take you to the song. And we would extremely appreciate that you request this song as much as possible on your local radio station and on Today fm(0854100102) and 2fm(51552).

Hope you enjoy and see ye all at a gig soon!


Distracted - Single - J90